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Welcome to KSP 2 Modding Wiki

This wiki serves as a place to share knowledge about modding KSP 2. Anyone with an account can create their own articles or contribute to existing ones.

Page list

You can find the list of all pages grouped by categories here:


Create a new page


To assign a page to a category, put the following line at the top of your page: [[Category:My category]].

To create a new category if it does not exist yet, simply create a page with the prefix "Category:", for example "Category:My category", and add a description of the category in the body.

All new categories should either be subcategories of "TOC" to be displayed in the list on this page, or subcategories of other already existing categories. You can achieve this by placing this line at the top of the category's page: [[Category:TOC]], similarly to how any other categories get assigned to pages.

For information on how to edit and format pages, you can visit MediaWiki's Help page. For code snippets syntax highlighting, you can use the‎ <syntaxhighlight> tag, see full documentation for more details.